Falcon Multifunction Oven

Offers seven functions for really flexible cooking. From crisping up the base of your pizza to browning your favourite pasta dish! Now available on all Falcon range cooker models.

Oven This function combines the heat from the top and base elements, therefore is ideally suited to roasting or baking pastry, cakes and biscuit

Ideal for defrosting small items such as desserts, cream cakes and small pieces of meat or fish.

Particularly suitable for baking on several shelves at one time, as aneven heat is produced throughout the oven.

fanning-grillFanned Grilling
Less fierce heat than a conventional grill. Thick pieces of meat or fish are ideal for grilling in this way, as the circulated air reduces the fierceness of the heat from the grill.

browning-elementBrowning Element
Suitable for browning or finishing dishes, such as lasagne or cauliflower cheese.

base-heatBase Heat
Ideal for crisping up the base of a quiche or pizza. With the gentle heat, it is also good for slow cooking casseroles or plate warming.

FAN ASSISTEDFan Assisted Oven
Ideal function for cooking large items that need thorough cooking, such as a large meat roast.