Why Choose Induction Fuel?


The Induction Features Include:

•Power boost feature
•9 power settings giving instant response and full controllability through rotary controls
•Auto switch-off
•Residual heat indicator
•Child lock
•Overheating detection

As the newest and fastest growing fuel type, induction hobs offer speed, control and energy-efficient credentials being powered by electro-magnetism. As opposed to other electric hob technologies such as Ceramic and Sealed plate which are often regarded as less controllable and slower to heat up than gas, Induction really is a leap in cooking technology.

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"Falcon induction cookers are the
best on the market. It's what I use at home- a 1092 Deluxe Induction. They have so many great features, from the proper robust knobs to set the hob temperature, to the oh-so-easy-to-clean surface, to the brilliant roll-out-grill, not forgetting the utterly stable temperature of the ovens. Induction uses less energy than other methods ans is so quick. Love it!"








The Technology
Induction works via a magnetic reaction that creates heat when an inductor comes into contact with a suitable pan. The reaction is instant, resulting in exceptionally fast heat up times. To find out if your pan will work with induction simply apply a magnet to its base. If it sticks, you're good to go! Solid copper, aluminium and some stainless steel pans don't work with induction - always check before you buy!


Ultimate Control
Rather than just twisting a knob and hoping for the correct power, induction is controlled in incremental steps, say from 1 - 9, giving ultimate precision control. Induction is capable of extremely low simmering points as well as models with a 'power boost' function bringing content to boiling point in record time! In addition to this Falcon has now developed two pre-set temperatures, one for steady melting of butter or chocolate, and the other an optimum heat for simmering pasta and vegetables.


Energy Efficient
Since all the heat is directed on the pan, you don't lose any around its perimeter so you are making around 99% use of the heat available, compared to just 55% for a gas hob. Built-in pan recognition sensors automatically turn the hob off when not in use, thus saving energy and increasing safety.


The hob surface itself retains minimal heat, making it really safe for those with young children. Most induction hobs will also have a child lock feature on its controls. Pan detection will also provide peace of mind for curious children (or forgetful adults!) by switching off automatically when a pan is not present.


Easy to Clean
Since the hob top stays cool, spillages will not stick or burn onto the surface, making cleaning a simple wipe-down affair.